Three Weekly LIVE Group Sessions



Full MTT HH Review

hosted by Brad

Strategy Fundamentals

hosted by Spades

Everything ICM

hosted by Brian

TurboKings coaching sessions start at 11 am EST every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
All sessions are always live and interactive and if you have questions, you will get immediate feedback!
All sessions will be recorded and posted to the TurboKings website within 48 hours.

Take your poker game to the next level!


TurboKings Push Fold Charts

TurboKings push/fold charts present the profitability and expected values (EV) of each combo in a readable format so you can make informed decisions and adjust to opponents accordingly.
TurboKings push/fold charts are included with your TK membership, in addition to being available for purchase individually.




Database Leakfinder

Lets dive into every aspect of your game to find out your exact strength and weaknesses. You will know exactly what to work on, and together we will determine the best path forward. Many of the common leaks we discover can be easily plugged with our extensive video library, but we are obviously also available for additional 1on1 coaching as well. You will receive a recording of the session, so you can always review it at any time.




Preflop Ranges

Get access to the TurboKings Preflop Ranges. Your preflop solutions for multiple stackdepths. Get an exact understanding, of which hands to Open, which hands to call or 3bet vs opens and how to defend vs 3bets. We will also give you exact ranges for many multiway spots. All in a very easy to use online viewer.



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