We’re thrilled to announce that the Turbo Kings family will be joining the good people over at BBZPoker. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for everyone and will allow us to provide more value to you at a cheaper cost. Brian will be joining the BBZ coaching roster and will continue to coach 3 sessions a week. There is no need to worry about missing out on yours truly.

A message from Brian Fite

"I sepak on behalf of the entire Turbokings community when I say we are very excited about teaming up with you guys over here at BBZ Poker.  It's an honor to be a coach for the best training site in all of the land and I can't wait to show you guys TK's chops!

We have a lot of legit players who win loads and just overall a really awesome community.  I'll be hosting most of my seminars solo, but will be joined by TK's Assistant Coaches along the way as well.  Shout out to Spades, BigT and Loncar.  Cheers to a big 2023!!"





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